Condos Happen: How is Your Multi-Family Practice at Risk?

Multifamily residential offers attractive design opportunities for architects—but those opportunities bring significant risks.

Condominium projects compound the risk, potentially impacting a firm's insurance. Market-driven conversions of rental properties to condominiums pose serious unanticipated dangers with long-term consequences to your practice.

Learn how you can mitigate risks with strategies, including contractual provisions, client and team evaluation, appropriate use mock-ups and testing, and condo documents. Join the discussion and gain the tools necessary to protect your practice.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explore the unique risks of multifamily residential projects and identify risk management techniques that can help mitigate firm exposure.
  2. Review approaches to choosing clients and managing projects that will increase the likelihood of success.
  3. Examine health, safety, and welfare issues in a real-world case study, and see how architects can deal with client demands for design elements that do not meet code.
  4. Evaluate the benefits and challenges of insurance and contractual provisions in managing risk.