David Delgado

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

David Delgado’s passion is to create experiences that activate our imagination and push us to think deeply about the questions that drive science and technology forward. As an award-winning visual strategist and artist, he regularly solves open-ended problems using creativity, ingenuity, and leadership. Learn more about his process during our Day 2 keynote, Anticipate Challenge: Design That Overcomes.


David Delgado, © Jim Newberry

As a visual strategist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, David creates experiences that provoke curiosity through a mix of science, art, and imagination. His recent work includes Metamorphosis, an illuminated sculpture that reproduces a comet on a human scale, enabling people to walk through a growing tail of water vapor.

He also led the development of the Visions of the Future series, which imagines the diversity of other planets’ topography. David and fellow Day 2 keynoter Dan Goods are co-founders of the Museum of Awe and Wonder, an interactive experience of art, theater, science, and surprise.

JPL Genesis Solar Wind Collector
DAZZLE, San Diego Int’l Airport, © 2017 Ueberall International

Building the sounds of space

Nineteen NASA satellites orbit the Earth, studying our atmosphere, biosphere, oceans, weather, and more. David and his colleagues wanted to help the public connect with NASA’s Earth-based projects, so they developed an idea for a stellar sound system that would allow people to track satellite movement audibly. Their challenge? No sound in space.

They assigned each satellite a distinct sound representative of its mission: A human voice, a crashing wave, a frog’s croak. Visitors to the shell-shaped Orbit Pavilion can now point receivers skyward and hear a veritable symphony when satellites pass overhead.

“I help people see the world in new and unexpected ways…[with] projects that challenge my imagination and plant seeds of curiosity.”

Keynote details

David shares the keynote stage with Dan Goods and moderator Michael Bierut on Day 2 of the AIA Conference on Architecture. Don’t miss this exciting keynote happening Friday, April 28. The event begins at 8:30am.

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