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Comprehensive exhibitor productivity training

Our goal is to ensure that you have a great experience at A’19 and achieve your business goals. That’s why we partnered with America’s leading trade show productivity expert to offer a comprehensive exhibitor onboarding program.

5 steps to exhibitor success

  1. Download and use the proven tradeshow management and measurement tools.
  2. Schedule and complete five pre-show planning exercises (at recommended timeframes).
  3. Watch the live and on-demand webinars for new ideas, insights and best practices.
  4. Read topical exhibiting articles for additional ideas.
  5. Ask our team of tradeshow experts for FREE help!

Step 1: Download and use the proven tradeshow management and measurement tools

  1. Tradeshow Planning and Management Tool >
  2. Exhibit Budgeting and Cost Control Tool >
  3. Exhibiting and Financial Performance Metrics Tool >

Step 2: Schedule and complete five pre-show planning exercises

  1. Define Your Outcomes (week of April 1) >
  2. Identify and Attract Your Ideal Visitor (week of April 8) >
  3. Managing Your Visitor’s Experience (week of April 15) >
  4. Lead Management (week of April 22) >
  5. Measure Your Performance and ROI (week of May 6) >

Step 3: Watch the live and on-demand webinars for new ideas, insights and best practices

Webinar: How to have a productive and profitable experience
Informa staff and tradeshow productivity expert, Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge, share important event and attendee information, the “ins and outs” of exhibiting specifically at A’19, and useful knowledge and exhibiting tools and resources critical to your company’s exhibiting success.

A’19 new exhibitor webinar: How to Have a Productive and Profitable Exhibiting Experience
View the recorded webinar >

Webinar: How to increase booth traffic
Competition for attendees’ time in the expo hall is fierce. The battle is won in the days and weeks leading up to the event. Today, no exhibitor of any size can afford to just show up and hope the right attendees find their exhibit.  Effectively pre-marketing your exhibit is a “must do” to build your brand and get your fair share of qualified booth traffic.

Preeminent tradeshow expert, Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge, walks you through an eight-step pre-show marketing planning process that will put your company “in the mind” and “on the agenda” of enough of the right A’19 attendees.

Improving Visibility & Driving Qualified Booth Traffic: How to Attract Enough of the Right Attendees to Your Exhibit
View the recorded webinar >

Download the workbook >

Webinar: Improving tradeshow lead management for higher sales conversion
If exhibiting ROI is the name of your game, lead management is your playbook. Yet, Exhibit Survey’s Tradeshow Trend study reveals an alarming disconnect between exhibitor lead capture and attendee satisfaction with exhibitor follow-up. Failure to effectively manage leads negatively impacts your company’s brand in the marketplace and may be costing your company hundreds of thousands of dollars in unrealized sales revenue.

This all-new highly-informative live webinar reveals insider secrets and best practices for quickly improving lead capture and follow-up practices to achieve better ROI for your company.

Improving Tradeshow Lead Management for Higher Sales Conversion
View the recorded webinar >

Webinar: Inside the Mind of the Architect
You’ve probably heard the saying “If you want to sell somebody what they buy, you have to see their world through their eyes“. A’19 Show Management and Informa are excited to announce this all new webinar that will take you on a journey into how architects use tradeshows to build relationships and specify products. The content for this webinar is compiled from a live panel discussion with architects at A’18, AIA’s market research, and Jefferson Davis’ experience conducting over 100 panel discussions with tradeshow attendees.

Remember, it’s not always who has the best products or services who ultimately get specified into architects’ design plans, but often who understands them better, and builds relationships.

This is a webinar that every exhibitor serious about growing their business cannot afford to miss.

Inside the Mind of the Architect: How Architects Use Tradeshows to Build Relationships and Specify Products
View the recorded webinar >

Step 4: Read topical exhibiting articles for additional ideas

Our exhibiting success articles, tools, and strategic planning exercises are loaded with useful information and address the critical topics important to your success as an exhibitor. Share these resources with your entire exhibiting team!

Step 5: Ask our tradeshow experts for free help

A’19 Show Management has made special arrangements with Jefferson Davis, America’s leading expert on trade show success. You can submit questions on any exhibiting topic. Mr. Davis or one of his team of experts will respond within 24-28 hours.

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