For Exhibitors

Complimentary tools

Tools, tips, and free passes to help you optimize your exposure at A’20.

Promotion potential awaits

As an exhibitor at the AIA Conference on Architecture, you have access to these complimentary tools to help you optimize your exposure at the event.

Use the logo in your marketing materials

Include the A’20 exhibitor logo on your website and in your print & digital advertising to promote your presence at the event. We want to make it easy for you to reference the event and use the logos in the right way. Artwork files are available for four-color print purposes (PDF), desktop printing (.PNG or .JPG) and web (.PNG or .JPG)

Download the exhibitor logos and brand guidelines. This is a zipped file including logo artwork and a PDF with instructions on usage.

Invite your customers with a free Expo Pass

Offer your customers FREE Expo Pass admission using our Exhibitor Referral Campaign. this program makes it easy for you to promote your presence at the event, plus invite your prospects and customers to walk the expo floor for free.

The referral program gives you access to customizable, promotional materials such as emails as your own unique landing page, custom emails, and banner ads. Best of all—it’s free!

The exhibitor referral campaign will launch closer to the event. Check back for availability.

Promote your presence to the media

Exhibitors are encouraged to display their press kits in the A’20 Press Office at Los Angeles Convention Center for easy access by the media. Fifteen to twenty press kits are recommended.

Press Office access is restricted to accredited members of the press. Space for press kits is assigned at random by AIA.

The 2020 media guidelines and list of registered press members will be available closer to the event. A list of registered press members who attended in 2019 is available, for your reference.  Download the A’19 registered press list >