FR202 – Beyond Conflict & Polarization: An Innovation Workshop

The Communities by Design team will lead this interactive workshop to solicit expertise and insights from across the AIA spectrum to address development conflicts at the community scale.

This event is part of a package of conference activities offered under the Communities by Design initiative, Citizen Architect: The Development Dialogues. Citizen Architect is a multi-year effort to leverage the experience of the conference host region as an urban lab to elevate the issue of development conflict as well as design innovative community solutions that can spark more positive outcomes and create more sustainable and equitable communities.

Learning Objectives

  1. Better understand community change dynamics and elevate the issue as a critical topic for the future of the practice across the country.
  2. Share comparative case studies, promising policies and practices, and proven community solutions to development conflict.
  3. Lend insights that will inform a post-conference Communities by Design report and guide the launch of a solutions hub resource.
  4. Explore the challenges that development conflict presents to professionals in communities nationwide and some of the innovative approaches emerging at the local level to address it.

  • Joel Mills
    Senior Director, Communities by Design - AIA