TH401 – What AEC Visualizations can learn from Hollywood

Create visualizations like a Hollywood director as you add atmosphere, direct viewer attention, and heighten engagement through lighting, camera work, editing, and sequencing. You'll learn all this and more in this essential session designed to give your AEC films visual impact and emotional resonance.

Exploring cinematic techniques from Hollywood filmmaking, you'll learn to create more compelling, dramatic images. These new strategies for dynamic visual storytelling will help you showcase designs and connect with clients. Join the conversation to elevate your architectural visualizations from flat to cinematic.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discover cinematic strategies from filmmaking that can be applied to enhance architectural visualizations.
  2. Explore techniques to add lighting, atmosphere, camera motion, and narrative engagement for more dramatic renderings.
  3. Analyze how post-production editing and sequencing can focus viewer attention and heighten visual storytelling.
  4. Examine case studies of impactful architectural visualizations that leverage lessons from Hollywood filmmaking.