Saturday, June 8

Day 2 speakers

Join us Saturday, June 8 to hear from an impressive lineup that includes speaker Ryan Coogler, host Roman Mars, and spotlight speakers Ayla Abiad, Assoc. AIA, Eric Liu, and Keller Rinaudo.

Ryan Coogler

Ryan Coogler

Keller Rinaudo

Ayla Abiad, Assoc. AIA

Eric Liu

Diverse perspectives are key to solving the world’s toughest challenges. On Saturday, you’ll hear from speakers whose phenomenal work is pushing boundaries to create a better future for everyone. Their passion is building a culture of equity and inclusivity that knows no boundaries, from creating a film that’s become an important cultural touchstone, to bringing medical supplies via drone to hard-to-reach places, to helping immigrants and refugees assimilate to American life, and to building a culture of powerful, responsible citizenship. Don’t miss it!

Event details
Saturday, June 8, 8am
Las Vegas Convention Center

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